Business Fundamentals

The course is going to open up the secret codes of wealth creation that have been kept hidden from youths so they remain mediocre always following the crowd.

Startup Mentoring

The course is designed to unleash your true potential to the fullest extent. So you will come to know who you really are and this will allow you to have the realization that nothing is impossible

Intraday Trading

A unique course to make you financially independent at a younger age. So you do only that which makes you happy. Money does buy happiness, earlier you expereince more you can cherish.

Virtual CIO

A Unique service exclusively designed for SMEs of India. Providing best in class IT consulting services at an affordable cost to enable SMEs of India to provide best-in-class customer experience to outpace peers and competitors.

Wealth Advisory

A unique wealth advisory service designed for the promoters of SMEs and HNIs to provide them with wealth creation opportunities at affordable cost and at ease while they work hard to grow their business and career.

Digital Transformation

A course which gives you the real meaning of transformation. So you know how youths in western countries have utilized technology as a tool to transform the lives of billions and how you can be that one!


    I'm glad that I took training from PK Consulting. Within 3 months of training now I'm earning 50,000 per month by working just 2hrs. Every day. I also work from home and earn additional money. Can not thank Girish enough for imparting life time skills and making me financially independent in my youth while my friends are struggling for jobs...

    Tejas More

    Digital Marketing Professional.

    Aditya Kashwani 12th Class Student

    I was looking for an internship opportunity. I spoke to my dad and the founder of pk consulting, Mr Girish kashwani. He, not only provided me with the opportunity to do my internship but I was so inspired by his dream that I decided to take part in financial literacy boot camp. I can confidently say Financial Literacy Bootcamp has advanced my learning and life experience by 10 years.

    Aaman Sayed Entrepreneur

    Very informative literature and content. Prerequisites for buying a good business, mandatory checklists which are needed in order to make the best financial decisions and many more necessary steps are covered and conveyed very intellectually. Spirituality of trading comes into realisation through the sessions. Recommended for each and every person who really wants to understand what money is all about.

    Kris Haris Entrepreneur

    Wow! Great information! I am able to better appreciate the important steps and hard work it takes to buy a business as well as making sure you are prepared for all that is involved. This training delivers a clear understanding that money isn’t just about physical currency but also involves spiritual aspects of the trade, which was an eye-opener for me. Highly recommended for anyone who considers getting into the business.

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      Training Sessions
      Book a Free Session and Get a Gift of Happiness !
      Book a Free Session and Get a Gift of Happiness !