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Who am i?

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God Of Sales

A must for early and middle-stage career professionals looking to grow their sales skills and achieve leadership positions

Zorba The Buddha ​

 Exclusively for early to mid-stage startup founders and business owners (1-5 years), or youths and professionals managing family businesses without an MBA degree.

The Beginning with AI

Exclusively for graduates who have completed the final year exam, awaiting results, did not get placement, or have rejected the placement offer for better career opportunities but are unable to get through, or graduates having completed graduation unable to settle in a job or business.



It is the story of Kabeer. Kabeer is a middle class young, happy, caring and loving youth born and brought up in Bangalore. Kabeer is a male Sex . I hope you have sex . If so know that it is your story. Kabeer has a dream. Kabeer has finished his graduation in computer science but he wants to become an investment banker. In his quest to discover his dreams, sex becomes his ladder. His father helps him climb. You should read my book, if you have a dream. This book will open up the secret code of success that for centuries has been transforming ordinary men and women into legendary professionals and human beings, “Rich outside Richer inside”.

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