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Business Fundamentals

The course is going to open up the secret codes of wealth creation that have been kept hidden from youths so they remain mediocre always following the crowd.

Startup Fundamentals

The course is designed to unleash your true potential to the fullest extent. So, you will come to know who you really are and this will allow you to have the realization that nothing is impossible.

Capital Market

A unique course to make you financially independent at a younger age, so you do only that which makes you happy. Money does buy happiness, earlier you experience more you can cherish.

Digital Transformation

A course which gives you the real meaning of transformation, so you know how youths in western countries have utilized technology as a tool to transform the lives of billions and how you can be that one!


of employers say new college graduates are not prepared with social and emotional skills

of teachers want to support overall student wellbeing but lack the resources/time

80% of Engineering graduates are unemployable

55% of MBA graduates are unemployable

Top Ten Real World Skills

Build 21st-century skills along side your regular education and stand out from the rest

Our Program is Beneficial for

Study and Work Abroad Success

Our program is perfect for students and professionals from countries like India, China, UAE and others looking to grow crucial character skills to study/work abroad

Domestic university and career success

Character based skills are universal in nature so our program also helps students/professionals anywhere in the world upskill themselves

We Work With

Schools & Colleges

Overseas Education Consultants

Students And Parents

Get Certified By SMES

Upon successful course and assessment completion, you will get a formally signed certificate by our Subject Matter Experts across each skill. Use this certificate to stand out for university applications and jobs!

Get A Personalized Evaluation from Top Career Counsellors

If you choose to work with us as intern, we will give you a personalized written evaluation that is included in your certificate so universities & employers can get deeper insights into you!


I'm glad that I took training from PK Consulting. Within 3 months of training now I'm earning 50,000 per month by working just 2hrs. Every day. I also work from home and earn additional money. Can not thank Girish enough for imparting life time skills and making me financially independent in my youth while my friends are struggling for jobs...

Tejas More

Digital Marketing Professional.

Aditya Kashwani 12th Class Student

I was looking for an internship opportunity. I spoke to my dad and the founder of pk consulting, Mr Girish kashwani. He, not only provided me with the opportunity to do my internship but I was so inspired by his dream that I decided to take part in financial literacy boot camp. I can confidently say Financial Literacy Bootcamp has advanced my learning and life experience by 10 years.

Aaman Sayed Entrepreneur

Very informative literature and content. Prerequisites for buying a good business, mandatory checklists which are needed in order to make the best financial decisions and many more necessary steps are covered and conveyed very intellectually. Spirituality of trading comes into realisation through the sessions. Recommended for each and every person who really wants to understand what money is all about.

Kris Haris Entrepreneur

Wow! Great information! I am able to better appreciate the important steps and hard work it takes to buy a business as well as making sure you are prepared for all that is involved. This training delivers a clear understanding that money isn’t just about physical currency but also involves spiritual aspects of the trade, which was an eye-opener for me. Highly recommended for anyone who considers getting into the business.

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    Our Program is Beneficial for

    I have over 20 years of experience as a business consultant working with SMEs and Educational Institutions across the globe.  My specialization is in the area of Digital Transformation.

    Yes. Certainly. To assert further if my program cannot help you lend a good job, chances are none can help.

    Yes. Certainly. My program is designed in such a way that you will know which business you fit the best.  It is said you can only be successful when you do what you LOVE and this according to me is the only secret to success to know what is your Ikigai.

    The whole purpose of my program is to make you a global thinker, a creator, a communicator, and a collaborator. Building and sustaining relationships is an art. These skills can’t be automated away but can only be transferred from one individual to another. I can say authentically no other program on earth can teach you the relationship-building skills better than mine. Go ahead with my program confidently and very soon you will become a master networker.


    It’s perfectly all right. In fact, the birth of my program is because I want each one of you who could not graduate from the top university for whatever the constraint to get a similar quality of knowledge at fraction of the cost and time. Alternatively, you can also look at my program as your gateway to getting admission to your dream university across USA and european continents.


    There are no hidden charges. In case you would like to get selected for an internship with us you will have to pay a minimum monthly fee for three months which is for the internship duration that will be conveyed to you at the time  of applying for the internship after completion of the course.  Applying for an internship is optional.

    To me personally age is just a number nothing more at all. I say to you age is not the barrier at all.  It is the question of your willingness to learn 21st-century skills for you to be relevant in your job or business.

    Absolutely, without any doubt whatsoever. My program is absolutely relevant for youths in class 12th and above.


    After completion of my program, I provide you with Three months of personal one to one career support which is via mail or pre – scheduled online meetings which will be maximum of three with maximum time duration of 30 mins each, there are no charges for this,  The program runs in batches minimum size Is one maximum is 20 per batch.

    Not at all. This is 21st century skill course that is designed to make youths a global thinkers, a creator, a communicator and a collaborator. These are the skills that are absolutely essential to be successful in the real world be it a job or business or in case you have plans to study abroad.

    Trust my whole approach of designing and delivering the program is to empower you to make the right choices and that’s where you find me totally different from the majority of mentors and life coaches in the marketplace. To me the only person who can guide you is you. The real problem is nobody wants you to be you simply because then you won’t be dependent on them, which is what the majority of those mentors and coaches want to be relevant. My whole approach is to give you the taste of real freedom not by giving spiritual lectures or through master classes but by sharing those secret codes which have not been shared with you by your schools, colleges and societies so u remain confused in do not know state so u need others to help you. My approach is to free you from others and the only way is to find yourself and that is the ultimate clarity. It’s not easy but not very difficult either. You just have to make a start.

    The Actual program fee is Rs. 50,000 + 18 % GST. Currently the program is available at 50% discount rates I at 25,000 + 18% GST. It is a very limited period offer, so utilize this opportunity for signing up.

    Total duration is 50- 60 hrs. Batches are conducted on weekdays and weekends. Standard session timings are 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. 6 pm – 8 pm IST

    Currently the program is available via Online  mode only.

    That’s not a problem at all. To me degree is an old school, old fashion, retired way of judging, and certifying the potential or caliber of an individual. Youths will not accept this way anymore. My program is all about “real world education “which is not even part of the syllabus in india. So current degrees provided by universities are in themselves incompetent. So your background is irrelevant to me. Though it is a very generic statement it fits perfectly well to say the majority of individuals who have become the icons of success are either school or college dropouts no one knew their background until they succeeded.

    The program is specially designed for the youth of India. My program is immensely valuable for youths who are aspiring to study abroad in countries such as the U.S., Australia, Canada, UK etc.

    No, we have partnered with some of the best overseas education consulting firms to help you through the entire process of examination, university & country selection, scholarship, visa and rest of the processes.

    I am based out of India. I live in Bangalore.

    Absolutely,  I can say you may have any degree but if you want to move abroad for studies or a job or build your start-up my program holds the key to your success be it real-world professional knowledge or understanding cultural ecosystems.

    In their college essays, your child needs to highlight their absolute best qualities – the ones that will help them be successful as an Ivy League student. These include intellectual curiosity, passion, creativity, initiative, leadership, and the unique “it factors “they have developed through their extracurriculars.

    As an indian student, your grades play a major role in your acceptance into an ivy league college. Your ivy league applications need to clearly show what you are passionate about. Let them know about your interests and strengths beyond academics. Tell them about topics of discussion that interest you.

    Job opportunities are plentiful and wide-ranging both on and off campus. On campus you can work with the faculty member as a research assistant, lead tours for the admissions office, work in the stacks at one of more than 60 libraries or learn to run business at the student operated harvard student agencies.

    1. Focus and develop interest
    2. Encourage them to boost their GPA
    3. Prepare for standardized tests
    4. Research specific schools
    5. Focus on essay
    6. Foster a spirit of independence
    7. Start early and meet deadlines
    8. Consider a college admission consultant