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This is one data that must give u a kind of shock wave that India ranks 23rd in financial literacy. While top 10 richest countries in the world have a financial literacy rate averaging 70%. In India, it’s a meagre 20%. If we compare according to the population density it would actually be 3%.  Does the above data give u a sense of something dramatically wrong going ON!  Such a highly Literate country we are! Really!  Just think for the past 100 years of being literate what have we really contributed to the growth of the world financially, Spiritually, scientifically, in arts, and culture.

I am not going to judge what has gone right or wrong with the system, society, and education and get into a useless debate?  My work is to work with individual/s, especially youths. The next logical question is what’s my work then?  My work is to inculcate the very culture of entrepreneurship amongst youth without fighting with either system or society. This generic quote we all have heard is “change yourself and the world will change “.  My Financial Literacy Bootcamp is all about bringing in that most important knowledge to have for youths yet buried down by the rulers who made the Indians enslave and had no other way but to destroy the roots of our knowledge system. 

When you attend my Financial Literacy Bootcamp you will know that some of those roots of self-development from our original education system in a way which is modern, short and crisp do not hinder your current education, social structure etc. actually does that it makes you wise early!  Call it the wisdom that says my father was right not after your son becomes a father but before you actually become a father yourself! how is that! Wisdom is your birthright, ask for it and you shall get it Here& Now.

Girish Kashwani is an excellent trainer and mentor. He is one of the few trainers I have come across whose method actually works. I have benefited immensely from his program. I would like to thank Girish Kashwani and his team for their support. You guys are doing great work

Jithesh Malhothra Business Owner