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My question may sound like a foolish question! of course, western people are far richer, well behaved, well maintained, have a great quality of life, and Scientifically, and technologically advanced. We love to be like them! If not like them, we would die to live like them! Great! your thinking is amazingly right! Until I ask you one more question what about we live to live a life like that Now! That sounds like a little bit of intelligent discussion right! 

So am I preaching, certainly not! I am just igniting a thought about how long you would want to wait to live a life that in real terms is life to an abundance of everything and it’s for you to choose the limit of that abundance! 

When you attend my Financial Literacy Bootcamp you will know the origin of building the “culture of abundance! This may sound crazy! If so, thank you, you made my blog worth the purpose. 

Girish sir has an incredible background in the world of stocks and technical analysis. He goes right down to the basics of what technical analysis is, and shows you that it's actually pretty simple and straightforward. His vast experience in such a complex industry will definitely help you learn more about how to read the market trend and he’s always there to guide you along the way. The investing strategies he shares have been proven time and time again, they’re simple, practical, and easy to follow - not to mention super effective.

Sunder Raju Chartered Accountant