Pk consulting

Our role as an investment adviser is to guide you through managing your investments into active and passive instruments. We help you manage a diversified portfolio and provide personalized advice for each one of you. We also recommend specific products, strategies, and services to meet the needs of our customers. We do this by helping you with strategic planning, portfolio optimization, and in-depth expertise of decades in managing Risks Vs ROI.

Investing Simplified

You Earn 100% Profit

No Commission


Rs.9,999/- Half Yearly

1. Wealth Management

Our wealth management advisory services provide suggestions on managing finances, taxes, investments, and more. We help to determine the best way to invest your money and allocate funds. We use analytical methods such as forecasting future investments, statistical analysis of historical data for stocks and bonds, rate-of-return calculations for savings accounts or CDs (certificates of deposit) to manage finances based on an individual's needs and goals.

We guide you through all of the different financial options available to you and what they mean.

We partner with licensed and certified investment advisory firms only having proven track record of managing millions of customers across the globe, be it discount broking, full-service broking, portfolio management for customers across the world.

Our services are backed up by the highest quality of senior advisors and fund managers with over a decade of proven track record in generating best-in-class ROI for our elite customers keeping a sharp balance between the risk appetite Vs. ROI

2. Funds Management

We offer you the freedom to deposit or withdraw funds, settle transactions, and receive income and dividends from your share portfolio with your own Fund's management account.

Investing in Equities, commodities, and currencies, settling transactions, and receiving income and dividends from your share portfolio can be a complicated process, which is where we come into the role to do all of this for you.

Our premium advisory keeps our customers updated on a current market scenario with crucial data points, which helps our customers be assured of the RISK and reward achievements; this translates into Peace of Mind.

3. Administration & Reporting

We provide comprehensive management and safe-custody administration services and regular reports, including year-end tax reporting.

The management and safe-custody administration services include:

1) Custody and safekeeping of assets of the Fund
2)Maintenance of books and records relating to the assets
3)Calculation of net asset value
4)Preparation of reports regarding such investments as may be required by law or regulation.

We serve as custodians for all mutual funds within the fund complex, including any new fund designated in the future. We also provide related services, such as acting as a transfer agent for all stockholders, transferring shares on behalf of investors who are directors or trustees .