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For the first time, you will know what creative thinking means and what is the source of creative thinking. I mean from where the creative thinking comes? What do we really mean by creativity? Can anyone and everyone be creative? What does it take to be creative? why are only very few people are able to create long-lasting impact be it business, sports, entertainment, or politics, and why the best brands and businesses

are built by youths of western countries only? are the youths of western countries more creative than Indian youths? if so WHY and what do Indian youths need to do to catch up? Can they? you will for the first time know why startups that run into billions of dollars of losses still get valued in 100s of billions. For the first time, you will know what it takes to build successful startups can u build one? This program will make you at par with the professional culture of western countries which is a very big positive for youths looking for overseas education opportunities

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