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In our daily general talks, we kind of assume empowerment as something like little more than freedom! while this surely should be discussed amongst youth what does empowerment mean and then the next obvious question will be what does it do to an individual if he or she concludes that she or he is truly empowered! The reverse is also true and needs to be pondered over as well. 

It is obvious since I am writing this blog so I must have my thoughts set to share. So, I will not go into a debate of what is the difference between freedom and empowerment but only say about what empowerment means to me. Empowerment to me is the state of being where I live a life in which I am totally in love with myself! It may sound crazy, but of course, it does and you are right. So, what it is like to be totally in love with oneself. You can be totally in love with yourself when you are neither thinking of the past nor thinking of the future. You are neither thinking good nor thinking bad. So, what will you be doing then! and that’s the secret. Past – future, good – bad, happiness – sadness, success- failure are all part of daily living and in that daily living, there is a part of us who is not at all affected by what mood we are in! 

You must be wondering, what am I trying to say! So, what I want to say is as long as you live a life where you oscillate and measure yourself with what you have and what you do not, you will never be able to experience the “Real Empowerment “which is your birthright. 

So where is it lost? Why has your birthright, not been given to you by your parents, society, education system, etc. That’s why I keep saying even though you feel a little connected with what I am saying you know there is something real that has been hidden from you and to me it’s a waste of time and energy to blame even a single person for this forget society, education system and all of that. I just need YOU, if you have felt a little bit of connection with my thought and know that doors of “Real Empowerment “are waiting to be opened for you when you attend my “Financial Literacy Bootcamp “. 


This was an excellent session for a beginner who has just set off in the realm of portfolio management and is looking to firm up his or her understanding of the core concepts involved. Girish Sir knows how to break down complicated topics at a layperson's level. This was one of those rare sessions where I feel I did walk away with no misconception about portfolio management. The interactive session was very helpful and enlightening as well.

Kim Them Salon Owner