Pk consulting

My first and foremost effort is to break the myth that financial literacy means how to save money and invest in a mutual fund or stock market. Though I know this myth is a deliberate creation by the foreign rulers for ages to keep we Indians intellectually slave always looking for jobs and also feeling proud of being Job seeker.
My financial literacy Bootcamp is about creating or say restoring the pride of being an entrepreneur. I have designed my Financial Literacy Bootcamp to be curated uniquely where in you get the entire spectrum
or say all in one course which starts with knowledge of business fundamentals from basics to advance, it then extends to acquiring technical analysis or calls it intraday trading knowledge which if practiced sincerely opens the door of financial independence, it then extends to acquiring what it takes to build a successful business or in today’s terms call it
Startup mentoring then extends to acquiring knowledge of digital transformation and its impact on creating a startup.

When you want to succeed in the online trading platform, it is important to join this place. Girish Sir's method of teaching is really good because he teaches us strategies that are easy to remember. The techniques always work in the stock market and anyone can do it whether they are a beginner or an expert.

Roja Start Up Founder