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Reading the above title may sound generic. But think little and you will see what Britishers must have gone through in making a country like India then so-called the “Golden Bird” and the land of warriors the slave. 

A little deeper you go and you will know that after much struggle Britisher’s realized that the root of independence lives in the very soul and minds of the Indians and if they have enslaved India then either destroy their souls or minds. 

The choice was mine and the way was an education! Many of you would have heard the name Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay the man known as the father of modern education in India. IT was modern in the sense that it destroyed the very foundation of education which typically was built on the principle of what we today call Startup or entrepreneurial ecosystem or earn while you learn. 

So, what Macaulay did was first destroy the entrepreneurial spirit! now you should be able to understand the very first slavery starts when a youth boy or girl depends on a Job or someone else to give money in exchange for time or so-called skill which every passing day machines are doing better than humans and only honorable job left for Indians is put their mind for those machines to work! Call it machine learning! what an Irony. 

So, my above paragraph might sound like an old pessimist writing all is wrong as if we Indians are not living a good life! You may only partially be right if you think so. The point is that you lost your independence the day you were made to forget your entrepreneurial skills deliberately. 

Have you ever thought about why the top 10 largest companies in the world are always founded and managed by either American or European youths? The secret lies in the education of course. Now if you dive a little deeper you will know the very foundation of western education is built on creating an entrepreneurial culture.  

I am not getting into the debate whether they copied, for me, it is definitely yes. They not only copied but our precious scriptures and research were also burnt alive so we only read and remember what they taught us for their good. They needed laborers to work for them and they did so well. They created a culture of not only poor laborers fighting for the daily meal but white color laborers as well.   

This has been one of my lengthiest blogs to drive home a point. If you want to become independent or want to make your children brighter, better than the western children, and live an equal or far better quality of life then educate them about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur who is not a job seeker but a job creator. 

That’s what my Financial Literacy Bootcamp does. It simply imparts skills that are essential for youths to know while they are in school and college which is exactly on the lines of our education system in the golden Era where children were taught hands Not with a purpose of getting a JOB but an education which was creating fearless souls and emperors. And it does it effortlessly. It is said that which is effortless is the real and permanent wealth. 

I would like to thank Mr Girish Kashwani for having such a simple and practical way of entering or getting into the stock market. As someone brand new to this world, I never thought that this was going to be quite so easy (although still hard) to get in on. I appreciate how transparent Girish Kashwani is about letting us know what he's doing before he starts his program. It makes sense why success is inevitable whenever we work together! It’s been nice being his student as a whole - he’s an amazing mentor.

Satheesh Gowda Entrepreneur