If there could be a thought detector majority of us would know we work because we have to survive or we have commitments or we have family or to make a family. Does it not sound strange? Almost all our life we are living out of compulsion and we say we are happy! We study out of compulsion! we may not realize it because it has gone so deep into our subconscious! 

15 – 20 years of most potential youth years of our valuable life goes into studies do not know what and why! and the rest 15-20 in earning that money with which we dream to live a healthy, wealthy, and happy life on EMIs! Wow, that’s a truly fun living life majority of us have. 

So, Am I trying to preach like a saint! no, I hate preaching? I am talking about the real solution in case you are one amongst those majority of youths in our country who do not belong to the elite class be it Money of Marks!  

My financial literacy Bootcamp is for that you! My course is curated based on my 20 years of industry experience working with individuals from various socio-economic backgrounds and global corporations. It opens up the secrets of why western countries’ youth are always the wealth creators for the world. Why do youths of our country still dream of living in western countries, is it just about the dollar or there is something more! Why if this situation continues, I, you, and the country will remain a so-called developing or poor country for another century. 

The secret is ready to reveal itself. you! are needed to drink it, taste it, rejoice in it and live a life of that abundance which is your search and will remain your search life after life, the time is NOW. 

I had been to the technical analysis course with zero knowledge about the stock market. By the end of the course, I had gained the knowledge one would need to trade in the stock market along with the confidence to invest. Mr Girish Kashwani is your guy to get a grasp on the basics and psychological elements before investing in the stock market!

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    Book a Free Session and Get a Gift of Happiness !
    Book a Free Session and Get a Gift of Happiness !