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Design Thinking


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This course will let you learn why digital has become the center of human lives be it communication, health, home, workplace, social or sports and why all the digital innovation has been done by youths from western countries. Especially for youths aspiring to go overseas, this course is going to add immense value because you will know the secrets of how western countries could create wealth and quality of life.

which for centuries attracted millions of youth to study work, and live there. You will know what design thinking means and why western countries give so much importance to design thinking way? If you sincerely attend to my program chances are very much bright that you can feel transformation within you and it will help you in bridging cultural gap and that’s what your interviewer looks for as to how much you respect your culture therefore you will be able to respect theirs.

Yes. U can choose. We recommend you choose at least 2 combinations for the best learning.

The combos recommended are:

  • Business fundamentals + how to build a start-up
  • Business fundamental + Technical analysis.
  • How to build start-up + digital transformation.

Whether you are a student, professional or entrepreneur Digital skills are the backbone of defining your success. So, if you want to be successful and remain successful skilling and reskilling the digital transformation awareness is a must.

Anyone above 16 years of age can attend the program.

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