Digital transformation has become the buzzword.  Whether you are in college, profession or in business your success depends on the edge you carry in being digital savvy.  We have designed a unique program which makes you fully aware of what digital transformation means and how to capitalize on the digital opportunity.


6 Hours






I was looking for an internship opportunity. I spoke to my dad and founder of pk consulting, Mr. Girish kashwani . He, not only provided me the opportunity to do my internship but I was so inspired by his dream that I decided to take part in financial literacy bootcamp. I can confidently say Financial Literacy Bootcamp has advanced my learning and life experience by 10 years.
Aditya Kashwani
12th Class Student

    Why should I attend the digital transformation program?

    Whether you are a student, professional or entrepreneur Digital skills are the backbone of defining your success. So, if you want to be successful and remain successful skilling and reskilling the digital transformation awareness is a must.

    Is there an age limit?

    Anyone above 16 years of age can attend the program.

    Yes. U can choose. We recommend you choose at least 2 combinations for the best learning.

    The combos recommended are:

    • Business fundamentals + how to build a start-up
    • Business fundamental + Technical analysis.
    • How to build start-up + digital transformation.
    Book a Free Session and Get a Gift of Happiness !
    Book a Free Session and Get a Gift of Happiness !