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Global Thinking

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This course will prepare you for how real world businesses operate and as an employee what should you expect from your employerand what you should not and why. Similarly, if you become an employer you would know what to expect from employees and why. This in real sense eliminates most of the emotional issues that employees especially freshers face when they enter into the REAL professional world and find themselves in a situation never faced before such as work and work environment, delivery pressures, peer pressure, expectation from employer, which is obvious because they have not been trained in school and colleges for the real world skills except the fact that they have been taught chemical reactions, pendulum oscillation, history, geography? what use when you take a job in a software company or go for overseas education and work as TA or in an entrepreneur development cell? This course will also let you know how successful global businesses are created.

Why building an exemplary character is important to be truly successful? what do actually we mean by character building how character building and leadership qualities are synonymous with each other and how and from where one gets leadership qualities? You will also learn about the latest critical concepts such as ESG which is the buzzword in foreign countries. You will also know what quality and experience really mean to western people and why we as Indians are not considered quality people or professionals.

The basic business management skills that are needed to run an organization are referred to as business fundamentals.

Not at all.  Our program is designed keeping in view youths and professionals from non-finance background.

For very first time You will learn what it takes to build a successful and sustainable business. You will learn the secret codes of wealth creation such as ROE, ROIC, ROCE, various types of cash flows, capital management, inventory management, Debt management, dividend, various equity multiples such as price to earnings, price to book value and many more. We also train you on enterprise multiples such as Enterprise value / EBIITDA and many more.

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