Business Fundamentals is all about learning “HOW TO BUY A GOOD BUSINESS IF YOU CAN’T BUILD ONE “. Generally, fundamental analysis is understood to be a stock market course as to how to invest in the share market and earn high returns. This is a myth.  Our approach to fundamental analysis is quite different from the majority of stock market training institutes. With over 20 years of business consulting experience, our fundamental analysis is based on real-time case scenarios which make it easier for people from across the age groups be it students, professionals, housewives and retired professionals.


20 Hours






This course is going to open up the secret codes of wealth creation that have been kept hidden from youths so they remain mediocre always the following crowd.

Module - 1

Understanding the Business Fundamentals
1) Understanding the business model of the company.
2) Few examples of business models.

3) Why some businesses will always make money in the long term.
4) Why some businesses will never make money.
5) Key qualities of scalable business.
6) Why sector rotation, timing and understanding of the sector cycle is important.
7) Identifying new businesses to stay ahead of the markets.
8) Revision

Module - 2

Introduction to capital markets as asset class

1) Why Stock markets are important for Us. Myths Vs. Reality
2) Fundamentals Vs.Technical analysis. What makes more wealth over long term?
3) Power of process and data in investment decision.
4) Data is the Key.
5) My investment processes. Choose Yours’s.
6) History of corporate is more important than future.
7) Rejection is more important to protect capital.
8) What to read and observe. Time is money.
9) Experience it here and now.
10) Revision.

Module - 3

Basic understanding of P&L & balance sheet ratios

1) What is P&L.
2) Beauty of balance sheet.
3) Working capital concept. What it means and its effects on the business.
4) Importance of cash flow in the business. Cash is the king. 5) OCF and FCF. What does it mean for the business & investor?
6) Working capital Ratio Company examples shown on screener website.
7) Financial tools to analyze the company.
8) Dividends paid and Dividend Payout.
9) Balance Sheet ratio.
10) Investments in NC and related party transactions.
11) How to identify frauds in stock market before it happens.

Module - 4

Understanding of Business Process flows & Key Financial Ratios

1) Capital Allocation and its importance.
2) Process flow to check annual report.
3) Process flow to check companies
4) Introduction to Key business financial ratios.
5) Case Study reflecting importance of financial ratios.
6)Concept of ALM, CAR (capital adequacy ratio) and identification of corporate frauds.
7) Valuation ratios and stock selection process
8) Behavioral insight into the stock market.
9) Asset allocation techniques and building your own portfolio.
10) Revision

Module - 5

Understanding the key Economic Indicators.

1) Concepts of Inflation & bond yields.
2) Impact of dollar fluctuation.
3) Unravelling the mystery of interest rates and their types.
4) Traditional ways to save and grow money.
5) Myth vs Reality?

The basic business management skills that are needed to run an organization are referred to as business fundamentals.

Not at all.  Our program is designed keeping in view youths and professionals from non-finance background.

For very first time You will learn what it takes to build a successful and sustainable business. You will learn the secret codes of wealth creation such as ROE, ROIC, ROCE, various types of cash flows, capital management, inventory management, Debt management, dividend, various equity multiples such as price to earnings, price to book value and many more. We also train you on enterprise multiples such as Enterprise value / EBIITDA and many more.

    Book a Free Session and Get a Gift of Happiness !
    Book a Free Session and Get a Gift of Happiness !