Why is financial Literacy critical for India to come out of poverty?

Financial literacy is a key factor in the development of a country, and India is not an exception. Poverty-stricken India is fighting hard to come out of the vicious circle of poverty.

Do u work out of your choice or compulsion to earn money for survival?

Almost all our life we are living out of compulsion and we say we are happy! We study out of compulsion! we may not realize it because it has gone so deep into our subconscious! 

What do you think the western people think of us, we the Indians and vice versa!

Of course, western people are far richer, well behaved, well maintained, great quality of life, and are Scientifically, and technologically advanced

Why are we Indians so ignorant to financial Literacy?

This is one piece of data that must give u a kind of shock wave that India India ranks 23rd in financial literacy. While the top 10 richest countries in the world have a financial literacy rate averaging 70% This has gone so deep into our subconscious! 

Financial Independence is the real independence.

By reading the above title it may sound generic. But think little and you will see what Britisher’s must have gone through in making a country like India then so called the “golden Bird” and the land of warrior’s the slave.

What do u really mean by empowerment? Can empowerment be male or female?

 I must have my thoughts clearly set to share. So, I will actually not go in a debate of what is the difference between freedom and empowerment but only say about what empowerment means to me

How is my Financial Literacy Bootcamp is different from other stock market courses.

My first and foremost effort is to break the myth that financial literacy means how to save money and invest in a mutual fund or stock market. My financial literacy Bootcamp is about creating or say restoring the pride of being an entrepreneur

Book a Free Session and Get a Gift of Happiness !
Book a Free Session and Get a Gift of Happiness !