Girish Kashwani

Girish began his professional journey as an IT consultant in 1998 after graduating as an electronics engineer from Bangalore. For over 20 years, now as a business growth advisor, Girish has been instrumental in writing success stories of hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals, helping them grow their businesses and attain leadership positions.

Girish believes the 21st century will be the century of GIG professionals with entrepreneurial mindsets, and the current education system is unfit to develop youths as global professionals and human beings, the fundamental qualities of an entrepreneurial mind. Girish believes the only education needed to develop youths as extraordinary millennials is the education of developing entrepreneurial mindsets, a mind made of heart. Through his uniquely designed programs, Girish intends to reach out to millions of youths and professionals worldwide to develop them as global professionals and human beings at a fraction of the time and cost compared to a regular degree program, irrespective of their academic performance and current stage of career be it Job or early stage of building their startup.


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PK Consulting

Pk Consulting is a startup company founded by Girish Kashwani, a business growth advisor with 20 years of experience. PK Consulting is India’s first and the best alternative to MBA. Girish believes the 21st century is the century of GIG professionals in which business and human management skills are taking center stage than just the technical or domain expertise and the only education that is needed is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the current education is unfit producing unemployable generations. With this as a problem statement, Girish has founded PkC to make every youth and professional in India an MBA class of professionals at a fraction of time and cost.

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